Gloria Chen

Gloria Chen.

Australian National Univeristy '18, Computing

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Master in Computer Science, specialised in Human-Centred Design and Software Development.

Experienced in Website Application Development.

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer in Les Mills Asia Pacific.

Skills At A Glance


  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Responsive Design: BootStrap
  • Frameworks: Vue.JS, Angular.JS (building up)


  • Languages: Python, PHP
  • Frameworks: Django, Laravel
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • API: Axios, RESTful


  • Version control: Git
  • Troubleshooting: Google Chrome Developer tool
  • Deployment: Heroku, PythonAnywhere
  • Applications: VSCode, Atom, Postman, DBeaver


  • Raspberry Pi (building up)

Work Experience

Software Engineer: Les Mills Asia Pacific

Company website:

Jul 2021 ~ present

  • Docker
  • PHP in depth, Symfony
  • Be a Twig Pro. HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Master level, Angular

Full-Stack Developer Intern: SimpleMarketing AI

Company website:

Feb 2021 ~ Jul 2021

  • Optimised AI content generator by debugging problematic outputs, fixing the problematic variables passed between frontend and backend, and tidying up prompt code to reduce problematic prompt inputs.
  • Added new content type and keyword inputs to the platform by creating frontend components, building backend services and MySQL database, and making API requests and responses.
  • Implemented changing email function with validations by adding frontend view, building backend services and updating database.
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Software Projects

Gamified Career Tree

It's a gamified website application developed by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and Django framework that allows students to make and manage their career plans.


Landing page:

Login page

Profile page:

Profile page

Fertilise and water the tree to make it grow. The tree is draggable.

Groing tree

Utilised: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django framework

Event Register

It's a web application developed by using Laravel that allows users to enroll a workshop, and an admin can add, edit, delete a workshop.


A page which allows the user to enroll a workshop.

Event Register

Utilised: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, PHP

Interactive 360-Degree VR Exihibit - HMAS Brisbane in the Australian War Memorial

This is a web-based 360-degree panorama prototype to display an online interactive view of the HMAS Brisbane control room, which is an exhibit of the Australian War Memorial.


You can use a Google Cardboard to be in VR view.

360-degree panorama prototype

Google Cardboard, test room

Google Cardboard
Get a Google cardbord:

Utilised: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, User testing, User evaluation

3-Minute Interactive Artworks

It's an assignment work done in COMP6720 course's major project.
Every year, this course's major project will change a theme. The theme in the year I enrolled was "Listening in/Listening out".
Thinking of the time being rebellious, having conflicts as a young teenager girl, till I left hometown to pursue my study overseas. I feel myself more treasure the relationship and time with my parents. That's why I made this video.
It's an interactive 3-min storytelling artwork website developed by using HTML, CSS and p5.js to provide an engaging user experience in which users can interact with the interface using keyboard and mouse.

Prototype: (it is slow)

This video is made by p5.js.

It'll take 2:50 to play.

Utilised: HTML, CSS, p5.js

Hardware Project

Smart home: Robot


Coming soon...


Preparation of Raspberry Pi materials:


Utilise: Raspberry Pi


A Piece of Snowy Mountain

10 Jun 2021 Corin Forest Mountain Resort, Canberra
Corin Forest Mountain Resort, Canberra